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Group 5
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Party Rooms

The PERFECT place to host a party! With multiple party-rooms to host your amazing day. Our staff will make sure your party is the ultimate success!


Arcade Games

Play over 70 arcade games! Test your skills, and be rewarded in our Redemption Center. Hundreds of amazing prizes. The fun never ends.

Group 5

Ratchets & Ropes w/ Zip Line

Adrenaline junkies, let us show you the ropes on our sky trail — with a three-story climbing and ropes course that lets you soar. An array of platforms enables adventurers to climb, leap, and fly! Test your skills, balance, and coordination on this contraption of ropes and planks, while being suspended over a busy room full of gadgets and gizmos.  Oh, and we have a Zip Line that will send you flying through the air with a bird's eye view of all that Gizmos has to offer!

Must be at least 48" tall. Closed-toe shoes must be worn (no sandals)

bumper cars orland park il
Group 5

Widget Whirl (Bumper Cars)

Experience Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion by jumping in a car and spinning, bumping, and whirling your way through to a wacky good time. Bump your opponents’ cars and send them into a whirling tizzy. It’s the law of action-reaction and it’s exhilarating from start to finish!

Must be at least 40" tall. Closed-toe shoes must be worn (No sandals)

Group 5

Junkyard Motors (Go Karts)

Get revving for the coolest set of wheels on the go-kart circuit. Careen through a 14,000+-square-foot track, take hairpin turns and show off your skills. No driver’s license needed. Grab your friends and put the pedal to the metal as you drive at high speeds through turns and straight-aways to see who will become the champion of the junkyard.

Must be at least 54" tall. Closed-toe shoes must be worn (No sandals)

Group 5

Robot Laser Tag Revolt

No one has laser tag like this! In the year 2020, facing a junk crisis, a brilliant inventor developed the first fully-functional robot workforce. During a routine update, a power-surge caused half of the robots to go rogue.  Facing potential catastrophe, you and your team must battle the destruction-crazed robot army. Grab your gear and get ready to battle raging robots in the two-story, fog-filled, black light glowing, music blasting laser tag arena. Let the battle begin!

Closed-toe shoes must be worn (No sandals)

Group 5

Tinker Tot Toyland (Soft-Play Maze)

Kick-off your shoes and get crazy in the Tinker Tot contraption full of fun.  Use your energy to whirl down tube slides, wiggle through obstacles, and dodge foam balls being blasted at you by friends and family. It’s pure zany fun for all! Pint-sized patrons will love the ultimate climbing experience. Stealthily navigating four-stories of fun and multilevel platforms, this space is big on fun for small adventurers. They even get to dump buckets of foam balls on our other guests! Now, that’s entertainment.

Must be under 54" tall. No shoes allowed. Socks required.

wall climbing chicagoland orland park il
Group 5

Off-the-Wall (Climbing Walls)

Come and check out the tallest gadget - rising 29 feet off the floor! Test your wit and sanity on the Big Cheese, light up the board on Checkerplate, or test your footwork on the Speed Climb. Whatever you choose, you will reach new heights and create an active and thrilling experience full of fun and adrenaline for everyone.

Must be at least 44" tall. Closed-toe shoes must be worn (No sandals)

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